10 Moving Tips and Tricks

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10 Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving can be very stressful because there are so many things to do and remember.  Hopefully this post will  make your move a little easier as you get ready to start your new adventure!


You will need a LOT of boxes.  You will easily pay $1 to $5 per box. In this last move, I had over 30 boxes. That would be a big chunk of money if I didn’t plan ahead.  Some people like to buy brand new boxes and I’m not saying that is bad, I personally didn’t want to spend over $100 for boxes.  Start collecting boxes about 6 months before you move.  Ask your neighbors, friends for any extra boxes they may have setting around.  You could also check out Craigslist for some cheap or free boxes.  Grocery stores, book stores or other stores will give their boxes away.  All you have to do is ask.

(Just a random tip, storing your things in bins are great, but they are not very good for moving.  They do not stack well when they are heavy and can easily crack in the move.)

Wants and Needs

My rule is that if I haven’t used it in the last 2 years then I probably won’t use it again.  You could make a little money by selling your items on Craigslist or by having a Garage Sale.  I starting going through my things about 2 months before we left so I would have plenty of time to sell items.

Address To Do List

One thing I don’t love about moving is that you have to change your address on EVERYTHING!  Make sure you have the correct address and let the post office know. Then notify those involved through bills and payments.  Be sure to include banks, insurance companies, doctors, dentists, utilites, magazines, newspapers.

Find a Moving Company

Whether you are using a truck and driving it yourself, or having a company do it for you,  find something that fits for you at least 1 month before you leave. There are many different options for moving services, contact Micro Movers for help in determining what services you need and what will be the most cost effective.

Know the Date

You will need to know the exact date that you are planning on moving not only for your moving company, but also so you can let your family and friends know.  The more moving help you have, the faster it will go!

Take Pictures

Do you like the way your house looks right now?  Be sure to take pictures of where your picture frames are hanging and your clock in front of your candle sticks sit.  You will be surprised how much you forget where your things were before you moved.

Sticker System

I call it the sticker system but you can do what works best for you.  As you start packing, be sure to label your boxes with the room they go in and what is in the box. I labeled mine with stickers. The Kitchen was red, the girls room was pink, etc. That way when you unload you know which room that box will go in.

Also be sure to label all glass, and other valuables as FRAGILE.  Write it big so everyone can see it.

Grocery Shop
Grocery shop about 2 weeks before you move.  Make a grocery list from the items currently in your house so you you can use it up.  This way you won’t have to pack as much food.  About 4 days before you leave, you can get freezer meals such as a frozen lasagna. You won’t need anything other than your oven and some plastic plates and forks.  This way you can pack up everything else in your kitchen.

Pack a Suitcase

As your moving day gets closer,  I would highly suggest packing a suitcase. Pack all the things you will need in the next week, clothes, underwear, make up, shampoo, etc.  That way you can pack everything in your house, including your bathrooms.  Also when you get to your new place you will know where all your necessities are.